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Frequently Asked Questions

The product below are considered gluten free, but we always recommend reviewing all ingredients with your doctor or health care professional if you have allergies or sensitivities.  The following products were formulated without ingredients derived from wheat and gluten.

Clarifying Facial Wash

Clarifying Facial Wash, Fragrance Free

Aloe Vera Complexion Toner and Freshener

Clarifying Herbal Astringent

Azulene Eye Cream

Liken Herbal Scent Deodorant

Liken Unscented Deodorant

Tea Tree & Lavender Deodorant

Rosemary Mint Deodorant

Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioning Shampoo

Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair Masque

Our products are cruelty free. Earth Science products are never tested on animals. We are PETA-certified.

Earth Science products are 100% vegan, with the following exception:

Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioning Shampoo and Masque contain hydrolyzed silk protein

Always paraben free, Earth Science products have been on the market for almost 40 years and have never contained parabens.

Propylene glycol enables our deodorants to be applied smoothly in a stick form and helps to stabilize the base of anti-microbial plant ingredients. We have researched glycerin as a substitute, and found that the glycerin acts as a moisture binder that encourages bacterial growth, which causes odor. All of our deodorants have been formulated carefully to ensure they are safe and effective.

We pride ouselves on making gentle products that are suitable for a wide range of skin types and sensitivities. Many of our loyal customers consider themselves chemically sensitive. However, no product is guaranteed to be perfect for everyone. Allergies are particular to individuals. If you have environmental sensitivities, allergies, or skin conditions, please share the list of ingredients with your dermatologist to determine individual suitability. Additionally, we recommend patch testing the product on the inside of your wrist, prior to use, to confirm compatibility with your skin.

We do not use masking fragrances. Our products labeled fragrance free are just that. They are specifically formulated for our customers with heightened sensitivity to fragrances. With no fragrance added, the product may still have a slight odor due to the raw materials.

INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients) standards require "Fragrance (Parfum)" to be listed for any ingredient or blend of ingredients included for fragrance purposes. Even all-natural fragrances must be labeled as "Fragrance (Parfum)" to comply. Earth Science uses pure essential oils or natural fragrance equivalents. We use INCI because it provides consumers with a higher level of ingredient transparency.

In the body, molecules called “free radicals” cause oxidation. Oxidation can damage healthy skin cells and may accelerate aging of the skin. Antioxidants are ingredients found naturally in plants which neutralize molecules that cause oxidation. They can help to prevent premature aging of the skin.

pH is a measure of the acidity and alkalinity of a solution. A lower pH indicates a more acidic solution (which carries more potential for redness and irritation). A higher pH means a more alkaline solution (which some can find drying). The pH of normal, healthy skin can be anywhere from 4.0 to 6.0. Each Earth Science product is precisely pH balanced for specific suitability.

Due to the more natural, plant-based ingredients in our products, color variations can occur from batch to batch. We also have some products that tend to darken slightly over time. Slight variations are normal and should not effect performance.

We use plastic-free, biodegradable packing materials when packing your order. Our packing peanuts are actually a puffed potato starch product that is highly compostable. Environmentally-friendly, you can simply toss them in your composter, or trash.  They will decompose in moisture (and melt away).  As we are always looking for earth-friendly shipping methods, we found these packing peanuts to be the best option at this time.

Please find our Natural Ceramide Therapy brand, Ceramedx, a complete range of therapeutic skincare products, at CERAMEDX.COM (Ceramedx products are sold separately.)